Timelapse: The growth of Louisville, KY since 1984

Starting in the 1980s, my hometown of Louisville, KY experienced something of a revival. New cultural venues such as the Kentucky Center for the Arts and Actors Theatre began to pop up, the city built new parks, and infrastructure projects changed the landscape.

Some of that growth is visible on this satellite time lapse, particularly the construction of the Gene Snyder Freeway looping the city and, just south of the freeway, major renovations and additions to Louisville International Airport.

Suburban neighborhoods within and just beyond the Snyder also grew; they were incorporated into Louisville itself when the City and County merged in 2003. The subdivision where I grew up, which was built in the 1960s, lies in between the Snyder and the older Watterson loop. It was once peripheral. Now, construction runs into neighboring counties such as Oldham to the east and Bullitt to the south.

The growth continues north, as communities in southern Indiana become more like subdivisions of Louisville. Zooming in over the Ohio River, a new bridge appears next to an old one in 2016. Another bridge, further east, will appear in 2017’s images.



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